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Russians set up 23 "draft offices" in occupied Donetsk Region

In February, collaborator Pushilin issued a decree on registering young men born in 2006.

Russians set up 23 "draft offices" in occupied Donetsk Region
Photo: GUR

In the occupied territories of Donetsk Region, Russians have prepared 23 "draft offices" for mobilisation, the National Resistance Centre reports.

"For example, on 18 February, Denis Pushilin, who considers himself the head of Donetsk Region, issued a decree on the registration of young men born in 2006. The task is to be carried out by 23 'military commissariats' created for this purpose," the statement said.

These very young men, scheduled to undergo a medical examination by the end of March, will form the basis for future mobilisation into the ranks of the enemy army, as there are currently almost no available persons in the region to be drafted, the Centre noted.

Mobilisation in the occupied territories in any form is a violation of Article 51 of the Geneva Convention, and in fact, this order is proof of another occupiers' crime in the temporarily occupied territories.

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