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Ukrainians buy too many sedatives, hypnotics - minister

The health minister urges Ukrainians to consult doctors first.

Ukrainians buy too many sedatives, hypnotics - minister
Viktor Lyashko
Photo: Health Ministry

The sales of sedatives and hypnotics have been on the rise in Ukraine, Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said on the air of the national news telethon, Ukrinform reports.

"We see an increase in the sales of drugs related to mental health problems. People often buy sedatives and sleeping pills. And this has been growing since the beginning of the war. We see month-on-month growth in sales of these drugs. And here we also appeal to all people not to rush to buy these drugs. Usually, you need to consult a family doctor. First of all, with a psychologist, and there are a number of techniques that will improve your mental health without the use of medication," Lyashko said.

The minister noted that since the Soviet era, there has been a stigma in society about going to a psychologist or psychiatrist, but in American and European culture, a psychologist is the norm. According to him, this should also become the norm in Ukraine, especially after Russia's full-scale invasion.

Lyashko also noted that the number of mine-blast injuries and injuries caused by landslides is growing among the civilian population. In addition, the number of upper limb amputations has increased significantly, and this is another challenge for the healthcare system.

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