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DTEK does not expect any power cuts in summer

However, 12,000 km of power lines need to be repaired.

DTEK does not expect any power cuts in summer
Photo: DTEK

Ukraine may have power cuts again during the cold season, but not in the summer, DTEK's Executive Director Dmytro Sakharuk has told the telethon.

"I believe that due to the fact that it is possible to cover the notional deficit with imports, we will not have rolling blackouts in the summer. There may be a problem next winter because we will enter it with a much smaller margin of capacity or strength," he said.

According to Sakharuk, 75% of Ukraine's thermal power generation facilities have been damaged or destroyed as a result of Russian attacks. Restoring the energy system will take time and significant funds.

"12,000 km of power lines need to be restored and repaired. Almost 4,000 distribution substations need to be prepared for the winter. This is a huge amount of money that needs to be allocated. That is why there may be blackouts not now, but in the winter," he added.

As reported earlier, on 12 May, some consumers in six regions were left without electricity due to shelling.

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