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General Staff says Russia launched four missile strikes, hit Ternopil, Mykolayiv

Russia has launched another massive strike using Shahed-136/131 drones.

General Staff says Russia launched four missile strikes, hit Ternopil, Mykolayiv
Photo: Kyiv city military administration

Yesterday, Russia launched another massive strike on the territory of Ukraine, using Iranian Shahed-136/131 attack drones, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has said.

According to updated information, 18 out of 23 drones were destroyed by air defences. As a result of the hits, about 50 high-rise buildings, private houses, cultural and medical institutions were damaged by blast waves.

More than 30 civilians were wounded.

Over the past 24 hours, Russia launched four missile attacks, in particular on the cities of Ternopil and Mykolayiv, resulting in civilian casualties, damage to a multi-storey building and other civilian infrastructure.

In addition, Russia carried out 79 air strikes and fired 99 times from multiple launch rocket systems at the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas. In particular, the shelling of Kostyantynivka in Donetsk Region resulted in the deaths and injuries of civilians. There are children among them. A private house was destroyed, four multi-storey buildings and other civilian infrastructure were damaged.

After 10 pm on 14 May, an air alert went off in Kyiv and most of the central and western regions of Ukraine, during which explosions were heard in Ternopil. It is known that a non-residential building in the city's industrial zone was hit, and two people were injured.

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