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Ukrainian Armed Forces advancу in Tavriya sector - Tarnavskyy

Russia lost almost two companies in killed and wounded over the last day.

Ukrainian Armed Forces advancу in Tavriya sector - Tarnavskyy
Photo: AFU General Staff

The Ukrainian Defence Forces are systematically driving Russian troops out of their positions and advancing in the Tavriya sector, the commander of the Tavriya operational and strategic group of troops, Gen Oleksandr Tarnavskyy, has said on Telegram.

"Combat operations of the Defence Forces in the Tavriya sector continue. Our soldiers are systematically driving the enemy from their positions. We are making progress," he said.

The general added that artillery units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Tavriya sector carried out 1,316 firing missions over the last day. Russian losses in killed and wounded amounted to almost two companies, as well as 24 units of Russian military equipment.

In particular, a tank, 16 armoured personnel carriers, two howitzers 2A65 Msta-B, self-propelled artillery unit 2C1 Gvozdika, 2A36 Hyacinth-B gun, 2C4 Tyulpan mortar and vehicles were destroyed. Three Russian ammunition depots were also destroyed.

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