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Reznikov presents new FPV drone for Ukrainian army

They are made in Ukraine. 

The 10th model of the FPV drone is officially presented to the Armed Forces. This model is assembled in Ukraine, but components are mainly foreign ones, says Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

10th model of FPV drone to Armed Forces of Ukraine
Photo: Oleksiy Reznikov via Facebook
10th model of FPV drone to Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to him, the next level is to produce the main components in Ukraine and give diversification to guarantee the independence and stability of the supply to the army under any circumstances. Reznikov noted that in 15 months the Defence Ministry adopted more than 30 models of UAVs of various types - reconnaissance, attack, kamikaze drones and barrage munitions.

"Now we act as flexibly as possible, so that all capable teams of developers and manufacturers have the opportunity to express themselves," he assured.

Reznikov recalled that in September by the initiative of the Defence Ministry the procedures for accepting weapons and military equipment into operation were significantly simplified, thanks to them "the formalities that previously took up to two years are now completed in a couple of weeks, and the Ministry of Defense Accelerator helps manufacturers on this”.

"We will not demonstratively build a factory the size of a stadium. At least not now. We will find an asymmetric solution, the enemy will feel it on the battlefield," Rezinkov assured.

First Person View (FPV) drones accompany weapons to an enemy target and require thorough operator training.

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