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Russian special services prepare fake elections in occupied areas – Ukrainian intel

Ukrainians in occupation are asked to share intelligence on fake elections and collaborators.

Russian special services prepare fake elections in occupied areas – Ukrainian intel
Fake referendum in Luhansk, 24 September 2022
Photo: EPA/UPG

Russian special services are preparing to hold pseudo-elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military intelligence has said.

"The Kremlin occupying regime is planning to imitate fake elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine in September 2023. The goal is an attempt to legitimise the occupation and war crimes committed by the Russian army. All those involved in the illegal holding of the elections will be brought to justice in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and international law, as it happened before with traitors and collaborators," the intelligence service warned.

It calls on citizens in the occupied territories to continue to provide information about the pseudo-elections, including on

- collaborators among local residents and their handlers from Russia (personal information, addresses, car numbers, phone numbers, etc;)

- so-called deputies and representatives of the occupying administrations;

- evidence of fraud and illegitimacy of the fake elections.

The information provided will help bring the defeat of the occupiers closer and identify

- locations and addresses of the occupying forces' personnel and command;

- storage facilities for munitions and fuel and lubricants;

- places of deployment, storage and repair of military equipment;

- places of deployment of electronic intelligence and electronic warfare equipment (look for antennas and dishes);

- headquarters and command and control points of the occupying forces;

- air defence duty positions and storage areas.

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