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UK Defence Ministry signs £90m worth of contracts to boost Ukraine's air defence

UK Defence Ministry signs £90m worth of contracts to boost Ukraine's air defence
Ben Wallace
Photo: EPA/UPG

Three contracts to deliver air defence equipment to Ukraine worth more than £90m (nearly $115m) have been signed by the Ministry of Defence on behalf of the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU), according to the UK Government website.

These include a £56 million counter-uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) contract with Norwegian defence company Kongsberg and two further contracts to provide further air defence capabilities.

The contract with Kongsberg will purchase vehicle-mounted counter-drone systems to detect, track, destroy or disrupt UAS.

The CORTEX Typhon system is designed to be operated by as few as two users, and can be rapidly deployed and repositioned to maximise its operational effectiveness.

The system can operate individually, or as part of an integrated network, and will use a complex suite of sensors, cameras, radars, and electronic surveillance equipment to allow it to physically destroy or disrupt drones.

"These air defence systems have the capability and flexibility to be rapidly deployed to either protect Ukraine’s civilian population and infrastructure, or be put to use on the frontline. The International Fund for Ukraine highlights the unity and resolve of our Allies to work together to provide Ukraine with cutting-edge equipment to meet its capability requirements," Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said.

These contracts are part of procurement packages announced by IFU defence ministers earlier this year to supply air defence capabilities, drones, radars, and electronic warfare systems to Ukraine.

The contracts come as a new delivery of aerial reconnaissance drones arrives in Ukraine, designed to carry out both land and sea-based reconnaissance missions.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already begun training on the systems, which will form a package of more than 100 drones.

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