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Norway to provide Ukraine with missiles for IRIS-T

Besides, the Norwegian PM announced the allocation of funds to ensure gas and electricity supply in Ukraine.

Norway to provide Ukraine with missiles for IRIS-T
Photo: General Staff

The Norwegian government has decided to provide Ukraine with anti-aircraft missiles for the IRIS-T air defence system.

Prime Minister Jonas Har Støre made the announcement during his visit to Kyiv on Independence Day. In addition to military assistance, he announced financial assistance, according to the website of the Norwegian government.

"Norway will continue to support Ukraine's defence against Russia as long as necessary. Ukraine strongly needs military and material support. They have a great need for missiles and ammunition for air defence. Norway is supporting as much as it can there," he said.

The Norwegian government noted that Ukraine has previously received significant donations for air defence from Western countries, but there is still a great need. Norway will continue to support Ukraine in its protection against Russia and is now sending anti-aircraft missiles.

"This is one of the largest Norwegian donations of military equipment to Ukraine by now," the Prime Minister said.

The missiles will be launched from the Sweden provided launchers.

During his visit to Ukrainian capital, Jonas Gahr Støre also said that Norway is allocating NOK 1.5bn (over UAH 4bn) to ensure gas and electricity supply in Ukraine.

"The Ukrainian authorities need our help to provide electricity and heat to homes, businesses and public institutions before the next winter," the Prime Minister said.

The money will come through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The funds are provided for repairing and maintaining critical electrical infrastructure and emergency power supply in areas affected by military operations (NOK 865mn), as well as purchasing gas for emergency storage (NOK 635mn).

A Norwegian TV channel cited an anonymous source as saying that Norway had decided to become the third country to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. There is no official confirmation yet.

In July of this year, Norway announced that it had handed over two NASAMS systems and another thousand Black Hornet mini-drones to Ukraine. And together with Denmark, the kingdom decided to provide Ukraine with 9,000 artillery shells.

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