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TV2: Norway decides to provide Ukraine with F-16s

The officials have not yet confirmed this. 

Norwegian broadcaster TV2 has reported that the Norwegian authorities have decided to join the countries that will provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. The statement was made on 24 August, citing an anonymous source, The Guardian reports.

It is not yet known how many planes Norway is ready to provide. The country's Foreign Ministry has not yet given a comment.

If the information about the decision to provide Ukrainians with F-16s is confirmed, Norway will become the third country to agree to do so.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on the information about Norway's possible provision of fighter jets. It should be noted that the Norwegian Prime Minister is visiting Kyiv today, on Independence Day.

As of now, only Denmark and the Netherlands have officially agreed to transfer the long-awaited F-16s, which can help gain air superiority over the Russians. Ukrainians will receive the fighters after the pilots complete their training. 

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