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Russians daily shell Ukraine controlled Robotyne

A few residents are left in the village and are ready to be evacuated when the security situation allows. 

Russians daily shell Ukraine controlled Robotyne
Yuriy Malashko
Photo: screenshot

In Robotyne, Zaporizhzhya Region, where Ukrainian defenders raised the Ukrainian flag on 23 August, there are almost no undamaged buildings after Russian shelling.

The occupiers are still shelling it almost daily. This was reported by Yuriy Malashko, head of the Regional Military Administration.

"Of the houses that are left there, they are simply not there, they are destroyed. Our soldiers slowly advance, but the minefields Russians have set up are huge, and it takes time to get through them," he said.

Ukrainian flag in Robotyne
Photo: Militarnyy/Telegram
Ukrainian flag in Robotyne

According to Malashko, 500 people lived in Robote before the full-scale invasion, and only 17 stayed. Some of them have recently been evacuated, while a few others remain closer to the front line. They are ready to be evacuated when the security situation allows.

The Russians are shelling Orikhiv and Huliaypole with guided aerial bombs and artillery.

On 22 August, the Defence Ministry reported that the Ukrainian army had entered Robotyne. The fighting continued. The next day, on 23 August, soldiers of the 47th Brigade raised in Robotyne the national Ukrainian flag with the signature of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhnyy. 

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