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Subordinate of LNR leader Pasichnyk blown up in Luhansk Region

Sources say the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has claimed responsibility for an explosion. Afanasyevskyy is still alive but wounded. '

Yuriy Afanasyevskyy, the head of customs of the so-called “Luhansk People's Republic” (LNR), was blown up in the occupied territory of Luhansk Region.'s sources confirm that the explosion was the result of the SBU's work.

The special operation targeted Yuriy Afanasievsky in his own apartment. As a result, he reportedly received multiple shrapnel wounds to the head, neck, and abdomen and is said to be in intensive care in critical condition.

"This 'activist' is believed to hold the rank of major general and be an agent of the FSB central office, providing laundered funds to finance Leonid Pasechnyk, the head of the self-proclaimed "LPR"," the sources said.

In this role he is known for both being the main “financier” of the chairman of the so-called LPR Leonid Pasichnyk and for using “laundered” money to fund paramilitary groups fighting against Ukraine. Afanasievsky is the subject of personal sanctions imposed by the EU, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan. 

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