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Russian "electoral" headquarters in Zaporizhzhya Region attacked by kamikaze drones - sources

The occupiers became nervous after explosions - they enclosed the surrounding streets, began checking people, and took their drones into the air.

Ukrainian defenders hit a pseudo-polling station in Zaporizhzhya Region with drones. According to's sources, the explosion and fire were set by the SBU.

In the village of Skelki, Vasyliv district, several kamikaze drones "voted" against the occupiers during the fake "elections". The so-called electoral headquarters of the occupiers, which they used to store "ballots" and documents, was struck.

The "elections" ended early.

"After the explosions, the occupiers became nervous - they surrounded the nearby streets, started checking people, and took their drones into the air. This is another warning to the occupiers and collaborators that the Ukrainian land will literally burn under their feet," the sources emphasised.

Thanks to the SBU, explosions were heard at the so-called polling station in occupied Berdiansk.

The Russians organised fake "elections" in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine in the same time with the elections on their own territory. Neither Ukraine nor the world recognises this farce in the occupied territories, as well as other Russian-faked "elections" and "referendums". The enemy has forcibly issued passports to the population of the TOT, and people are being driven to the "polling stations" by blackmail.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasises that the organised "elections" are null, void and calls on international allies to impose additional sanctions. 

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