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One third of buildings in Severodonetsk cannot be restored - RMA

There will be no central heating in the city.

One third of buildings in Severodonetsk cannot be restored - RMA
Photo: Telegram/Serhiy Hayday

Almost a third of buildings in the temporarily occupied Severodonetsk, Luhansk Region, are beyond repair.

This was reported by Roman Vlasenko, head of the Severodonetsk District Military Administration, Luhansk Regional Military Administration.

"I think there are 25-30% of buildings that cannot be restored. This is exactly the direction where the Russian army's offensive started from Novoaydar. Today, not critically damaged houses are being restored, as they are being inhabited by locals, those who lost their homes. No serious work is planned. For more than a year, all the rubble has not been restored," said Vlasenko.

According to him, the occupiers are trying to attract help from the Russian Federation. There is confirmation that equipment is entering the city to dismantle the rubble. Severodonetsk is currently facing problems with electricity and water, and there will be no centralised heating this winter, Vlasenko stated.

In September, in the temporarily occupied Lysychansk, the invaders decided to dismantle water and heat supply systems in certain areas of the city. 

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