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Ukraine returns two children from occupied territories

Their mother asked for help in taking the children to the government-controlled territory. 

Ukraine returns two children from occupied territories
Photo: Dmytro Lubinets

Ukraine has returned two more children from the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

This was reported by Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets on Telegram.

"These are two brothers - 13-year-old Kyrylo and 4-year-old Serhiy. Their mother personally appealed to the Ombudsman's Office with a request to help take the children to the government-controlled territory of Ukraine. We have processed the appeal and have a positive result," he wrote.

According to him, the children also visited the Center for the Protection of Children's Rights. While at the Center, 13-year-old Kyrylo drew the flag of Ukraine on a blackboard and said he loved his country very much.

Lubinets reminded that his office works in two directions:

  • The first is the direct return of the child to Ukraine, taking into account all the risks and developing specific steps;
  • the second is psychological, legal, and humanitarian assistance to the returned child and his or her family.

Photo: Dmytro Lubinets

On 13 September, the Ombudsman reported that three children had recently been returned from the temporarily occupied territories and the Russian Federation. 

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