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Denmark to provide Ukraine with 45 more tanks

The statement was made against the backdrop of a meeting in the Ramstein format. 

Denmark to provide Ukraine with 45 more tanks
Danish flag
Photo: radatv

Denmark will provide Ukraine with 45 more tanks, Defence Minister Truls Luna Paulsen said. The minister was quoted by the Ritzau news agency, Al Arabia News reports.

This number will include 30 Leopard 1 tanks and 15 modernised T-72 tanks. It is not yet known when the delivery will be made.

On 17 September, Denmark announced the largest economic aid package to Ukraine worth 5.8bn kroner.

In the summer, Denmark and the Netherlands financed the purchase of 14 Leopard 2 tanks. And together with Germany, Denmark decided to donate 80 Leopard 1s.

The Leopard 1 has been in production since 1965. Since 2010, it has been out of service with the Bundeswehr, although some countries, such as Turkey and Greece, still use it. It has a 105-mm rifled cannon.

The T-72 EA tanks are an export version of the Soviet T-72M tank modernised by Excalibur Armor, Army Inform wrote. 

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