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Twelve wounded in Kherson Region as Russia fires 119 times

Among the damaged buildings are educational institutions. 

Over the past day, Russians fired 119 times at Kherson Region, launching 557 shells from mortars, artillery, Hrad, tanks, aircraft and UAVs, and launched two missile strikes.

As a result of Russian aggression, 12 people were injured. Oleksandr Prokudin, the head of the RMA, reported this on Telegram.

"The Russian military hit residential areas of the region's settlements; the territory and buildings of educational institutions, factories, a penitentiary in Kherson; and a medical facility in Beryslav," he wrote.

The shelling continued in the morning. Today at 05:00 the enemy army attacked Mykolayivka, Beryslav district, from the air. Information on casualties and damage is being established. At 7:21 Prokudin warned of possible launches of guided aerial bombs at Kherson and called for people to take cover.

The roof of one of the departments of a medical institution, a food unit, a laundry, a boiler room, garages, utility and storage facilities were damaged in Beryslav. The enemy struck with an air bomb. 

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