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Defence Forces report partial success west of Verbove - Tarnavskyy

In particular, 27 units of Russian military equipment were destroyed.

Defence Forces report partial success west of Verbove - Tarnavskyy
Photo: 56th Separate Mechanised Infantry Brigade

The Ukrainian Defence Forces achieved partial success west of Verbove in the Melitopol sector, according to Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyy, commander of the Tavriya Operational and Strategic Group of Troops.

The general said that Russia carried out 10 air strikes, initiated 49 engagements, and fired 932 artillery rounds.

Missile and artillery units of the Tavriya task force performed 1,228 fire missions over the last day.

The total Russian losses amounted to 409 troops. Three Russians surrendered.

A total of 27 units of military equipment were destroyed. In particular, three tanks, eight armoured personnel carriers, seven artillery systems, one grenade launcher, four UAVs, four vehicles, and one ammunition depot. Another 18 units of Russian weapons and military equipment were damaged.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported destroying $25 million worth of Russian equipment in the Zaporizhzhya sector over the past week.

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