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MP Dubinskyy handed corruption report: he sends parliamentary inquiries for personal interest

These requests were sent to the Ministry of Health and the State Bureau of Investigation. 

MP Dubinskyy handed corruption report: he sends parliamentary inquiries for personal interest

MP Oleksandr Dubinskyy was served with a report on an administrative offence related to corruption.

The investigation found that in August and October, he had filed a parliamentary appeal with the Ministry of Health and the State Bureau of Investigation, the issues of which were of his private interest. This was reported by the SBI press service.

"In particular, in his appeals, he was interested in considering the issue of issuing him a permit to travel abroad, which is the subject of a criminal case in which the deputy is a defendant. He also tried to put pressure on the investigation, demanding that the leadership of law enforcement agencies investigating criminal proceedings in which the MP is a suspect be inspected," the statement said.

The evidence received from the State Bureau of Investigation was sufficient for the NACP to draw up a protocol on administrative offences related to corruption.

"By his actions, the MP violated the requirements of paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Article 28 of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption" (not to act or make decisions in conditions of a real conflict of interest), for which Part 2 of Article 172-7 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (Violation of requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest)," the bureau added.

Dubinskyy is suspected of organising a scheme to allow conscripts to travel abroad. According to the investigation, he facilitated the departure of his girlfriend's brother from Ukraine through a public organisation. This brother was supposed to drive Dubinskyy's car from Moldova to Austria. Recently, the court in this case placed the MP under round-the-clock house arrest.

Oleksandr Dubinskyy is also suspected of forging documents for travelling abroad. It became known about Dubinskyy's travels abroad during martial law thanks to information from a soldier, Anton Shvets. He found out that Dubinskyy had received permission from the Ministry of Health to travel abroad, allegedly to accompany his father for treatment for cancer. The permit was valid from the end of June until 10 July, but as of 25 July, Shvets assumed, the MP was not in Ukraine. The MP's girlfriend posted photos with a man with a distinctive tattoo on his leg, similar to Dubinskyy's, on 26 July from Spain.

The investigation found that Dubinskyy's father had both left and returned without the MP's accompaniment. He returned to Ukraine earlier than his son, although the law does not allow an accompanying person to return later.

Upon his return to Ukraine, the MP's home was searched. Subsequently, Dubinskyy was imposed a measure of restraint in the form of a personal commitment with the wearing of an electronic bracelet. 

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