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Bulgaria to provide military assistance to Ukraine as parliament overrides presidential veto

It will include the supply of armoured personnel carriers, air defence systems, missiles and military exercises for the Armed Forces.

Bulgaria to provide military assistance to Ukraine as parliament overrides presidential veto

Bulgaria's parliament has overridden President Rumen Radev's veto that blocked military aid to Ukraine, BTA has reported.

It noted that 147 deputies supported the decision, 55 voted against it, and seven abstained.

As a result, Ukraine can expect to receive faulty, outdated or redundant anti-aircraft missile systems. In addition, anti-aircraft missiles of various types can also be used to strengthen the air defence of our country.

According to BGNES, the MPs also approved the decision to transfer armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine. Earlier, Radev had blocked this assistance, claiming that MPs were not sufficiently familiar with the terms of the donation of military equipment and this did not allow them to objectively assess whether it was outdated.

The Bulgarian defence minister was instructed to determine the amount of weapons and equipment needed to equip the martial law forces and prepare a proposal to provide them to Ukraine.

The MPs also voted for the government to demand reimbursement for the cost of weapons and ammunition provided to Ukraine through the European Peace Fund and NATO member states.

It is expected that the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence will take the necessary steps to join the coalition of countries to increase the capabilities of the Ukrainian Air Force to use F-16 aircraft, in particular, for joint training and use of the country's airspace.

Parliament allows up to four infantry/mechanised companies from the Armed Forces of Ukraine - up to 160 people per year - to travel and reside in Bulgaria for the purpose of training and exercises.

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