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Arakhamiya reports 17 more MPs send applications to resign from mandate

MPs will be dismissed only for medical reasons. 

Arakhamiya reports 17 more MPs send applications to resign from mandate
Photo: parliament’s press service

There is currently no unity in the Ukrainian parliament, says Davyd Arakhamiya, head of the Servant of the People faction. "There was unity a year and a half ago, but now the situation is even worse than before the full-scale war.

Arakhamiya said this during the discussion "2024: Scenarios for the Country", organised as part of the New Country project by and EFI Group. In his opinion, the country is facing a parliamentary crisis due to MPs who want to stop working.

"A major crisis is approaching with the parliament in general, because I have 17 people in my faction alone who have resigned their mandate. That is, we already have 401 people in parliament, and we will definitely let one more go for medical reasons, which will make 400 people. 226 (the minimum number required to make a decision) out of 400 is very difficult to collect, to be honest. In other factions and parties, I also know that there are people who want to leave. We have decided for ourselves that we will not vote for the resignation of mandates only if there is a real medical situation, but otherwise there are no other conditions under which we will vote for the resignation of mandates. This is to keep the parliament legitimate," he explained. 

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