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Russia may have used Zircon hypersonic missile in attack on Kyiv

A piece of the missile debris is labelled accordingly.

Russia may have used Zircon hypersonic missile in attack on Kyiv
The wreckage of a Russian missile, possibly a Zircon, found on 7 February 2024
Photo: Defense Express

Russia may have used a Zircon hypersonic missile to hit targets in Kyiv during a massive missile attack on 7 February, Defense Express has reported.

The conclusion is based on photos published online after it was downed. For example, one of the missile fragments was marked "3M22", which corresponds to Zircon.

The Ukrainian Air Force and the General Staff only reported the interception of Kh-555/101 and Kalibr cruise missiles. At the same time, the Air Force, when reporting threats, at 7:46 a.m. reported that a high-speed missile was approaching Kyiv.

At the same time, the wreckage of the missile found on 7 February corresponds to the wreckage of another unidentified missile used by Russia earlier this year. At the time, there were also speculations that it was a Zircon.

According to the website's sources, the fragmentation of the missile is quite severe, which makes it very difficult to identify. In addition, there is very little information about the Zircon, as Russia has not publicly demonstrated the missile.

The status of this type of missile in Russia is uncertain. At first, it was announced that it had been adopted into service, and then it turned out that there was no relevant order.

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