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Starlink provides Internet access to part of Ukraine’s occupied territories

Parts of the Luhansk Region, including Syevyerodonetsk, are now designated as free territory of Ukraine. The website does not refuse attempts to order equipment there. 

The American company SpaceX has designated some of the temporarily occupied settlements in Ukraine as having access to Starlink satellite Internet coverage.

On the map on the Starlink website, Syevyerodonetsk, Novoaydar, Starobilsk, Rubizhne and other settlements in Luhansk Region are marked as "waiting list". The free territory of Ukraine is also marked in the same way.

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At the same time, according to the map, there is no access to other settlements in Luhansk Region captured by the Russians, including Luhansk itself.

If you try to order a Starlink to Syevyerodonetsk, the website offers a standard tariff and the cost of the equipment. For example, if you try to order to Luhansk, the website reports that it is unavailable in this Region.

Crimea, the occupied part of Donetsk Region and part of the occupied Luhansk Region are not listed as having access. Russia does not have access either.

Access to the service in the occupied territory means that the Russian army can use the Internet.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation responded to LB's request by saying that it has not yet commented on the situation. 

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