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Oil refinery burns in Russia's Krasnodar Territory

Russia's Ministry of Defence has reported 19 downed drones over the country's territory, including over the Krasnodar Territory. 

Oil refinery burns in Russia's Krasnodar Territory
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A fire broke out at the Ilskyy oil refinery in Russia's Krasnodar Territory. Local channels report that residents heard the sounds of explosions. Oil refinery was possibly attacked by drones. This was reported by Russian telegram channels.

Krasnodar rescuers reported that the fire occurred at around 2am local time.

"A fire broke out on the territory of the Ilskyy oil refinery. By three in the morning, the fire was promptly extinguished by the refinery's services. No one was injured," they said.

RosMedia reports that a series of explosions and the sound of flying drones were heard before the fire broke out. 

The Russian Defence Ministry has officially stated that air defence forces allegedly destroyed and intercepted 19 drones overnight over Krasnodar Territory, as well as over Kursk, Bryansk and Orel Regions and the Black Sea.

The regional authorities have not officially stated the cause of the fire.

  • The Ilskyy oil refinery named after A. A. Shamar has been operating since 2001. It is located in the settlement of Ilskyy, 50 km from Krasnodar.
  • The refinery processes hydrocarbon raw materials and ships finished products by road and rail. 
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