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Tarnavskyy reports increase in number of Russian chemical attacks

Yesterday alone, Russians used six UAVs with chloropicrin in the Tavriya operational-strategic group area. 

Tarnavskyy reports increase in number of Russian chemical attacks

In the area of the Tavriya operational-strategic group, Russians are increasingly committing chemical attacks. Yesterday alone, they dropped six munitions containing chlorpicrin, a tear gas and suffocation chemical, from UAVs (presumably K-51 grenades).

About a dozen Russian attempts to attack with poisonous substances were recorded during the week. Commander Oleksandr Tarnavskyy reported this on Telegram.

"Ukrainian soldiers continue to hold the defence. The total enemy losses over the past day amounted to 417 Russian troops and 35 pieces of weapons and military equipment (excluding UAVs). In particular, these include 12 armoured fighting vehicles, 11 artillery systems, eight vehicles and three units of special equipment. Ukrainian defence forces also destroyed two Russian ammunition depots. We neutralised or destroyed 224 UAVs of various types," he said.

Tarnavskyy noted that the Russians have significantly increased the use of kamikaze drones - 114 strikes over the past day. This is the highest figure since the beginning of February. 

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