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Finland sends Ukraine new batch of military equipment worth €190mn

The content of the aid is not disclosed for security reasons. 

Finland sends Ukraine new batch of military equipment worth €190mn
Finnish Defence Minister Antti Häkkänen
Photo: EPA/UPG

Finland is sending Ukraine more military equipment worth €190 million. The President of the Republic approved this issue on 9 February 2024 at the request of the Government. This was reported by the Finnish MoD.

This aid package also includes products purchased from domestic industry with separate funding of €30 million allocated to support Ukraine.

"At the national and wider level, we need to find new ways to support Ukraine in the long term. We are currently preparing a long-term plan to support Ukraine," said Defence Minister Antti Häkkänen.

According to him, there is a lot of know-how in the domestic industry, and the defence ministry is working to ensure that this know-how and potential can be used more effectively to support Ukraine. One example of this is Finnish domestic ammunition production.

Furthermore, Finland has decided to participate in the artillery and mine action coalitions that operate within the framework of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group, a group that coordinates military assistance to Ukraine. The aim of international productive coalitions is to provide long-term support to Ukraine.

In order to ensure the safe delivery of aid, the detailed content, mode of delivery or timetable of the aid will not be disclosed.

The additional assistance took into account both Ukraine's needs and the resource situation of the Defence Forces.

The total value of defence materials supplied by Finland to Ukraine now stands at €1.8 billion. 

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