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At least 60% of Washington's support invested in new US jobs, military stocks – MP Radina

At least 60% of Washington's support invested in new US jobs, military stocks – MP Radina
Photo: EPA/UPG

At least 60% of the total support (90% in the domain of military assistance) is invested in the United States to create jobs and replenish the stocks of the US military, said Anastasia Radina, a Ukrainian MP and chairwoman of the Committee on Anticorruption Policy, in an article for The National Interest.

Of the White House’s $61.4 billion budget request, $11.8 billion or 20% makes it to Ukraine's budget via the World Bank.

By now, she said, Ukraine’s comprehensive anti-corruption framework includes a well-advanced income and assets disclosure and verification system for more than 800,000 officials, including those at the top.

Established from scratch, anti-corruption investigative, prosecutorial, and judicial bodies provide a track record of bringing top officials to justice for corruption offenses. An award-winning system of transparent electronic public procurement helps save millions of hryvnias thanks to its auction type of procurement. In the commitment to cut any undue influences on anti-corruption and judiciary institutions, Ukraine went as far as legislating the decisive role of foreign experts nominated by international partners in selecting leadership for anti-corruption institutions.

"Ukraine has not сured all corruption-related problems—hardly any country in the world could claim to have done so. However, Kyiv has built a functioning system for detecting and prosecuting corruption that delivers results and deters wrongdoers. This system is a reliable partner for international allies and private investors in supporting and rebuilding the Ukrainian economy. A strong Ukraine is a security interest for the United States, and it can serve as a role model for other countries breaking free from dictatorial influences and strengthening democracy," she concluded.

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