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Ex-MP Pashynskyy summoned to NABU, no measure of restraint set yet - lawyer

He told that during the investigative actions at Pashynskyy's home, "nothing was found".

Ex-MP Pashynskyy summoned to NABU, no measure of restraint set yet - lawyer
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Andriy Fedur, the lawyer of former MP and head of the National Association of Defence Industry Enterprises of Ukraine, Serhiy Pashynskyy, commented on the issuance of a suspicion notice to his client in the 2014-2018 case of the so-called Kurchenko fuel.

In a comment to, he said that during the investigative actions at his client's home, "nothing was found", but he was served with a notice of suspicion.

"The suspicion was issued in order to issue. It concerns 2014," he said.

· On Wednesday, Pashynsky was summoned for questioning by the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). No request to choose a measure of restraint has been served yet.

· Today, Pashynskyy said his place was searched in the case of the so-called fuel of oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko.

· After the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych's regime, it emerged that Kurchenko, who was close to him, had illegally imported more than 90,000 tonnes of oil products. In 2014, the court seized this fuel, which was then decided to be given to the Ukrainian army. In July 2015, the army received the first batch of Kurchenko's fuel.

· However, it has now emerged that a criminal group was allegedly set up to sell the fuel. The NABU said today that one of the oil businessmen, who had "the right connections" in the presidential administration, allegedly developed a scheme to seize the arrested fuel. To commit the crime, according to the investigation, he involved his business partner, who was an official of the presidential administration - judging by the footage, it was Pashynskyy. The state-owned enterprise sold the seized raw materials at reduced prices to a company controlled by the organiser of the scheme. At the same time, the funds that this company paid only partially were transferred to the accounts of other controlled entities, and the state budget did not receive a single hryvnya.

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