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Number of Ukrainians considering Poland "definitely friendly" down by half over year - poll

Also, since June, the number of Ukrainians who consider the United States to be a "definitely friendly" country has significantly decreased - from 61% to 35%.

Number of Ukrainians considering Poland "definitely friendly" down by half over year - poll
A Polish farmer's poster urges Putin to come and sort things out
Photo: Dominik Serwacki

On 10-11 February 2024, the Rating Sociological Group assessed the friendliness of countries as part of the 26th wave of the study of the dynamics of public opinion in Ukraine.

In general, the majority considers the USA and the UK (81% each), Germany (80%), Poland and Lithuania (79% each), Canada (78%), France (70%), and Japan (55%) to be friendly to Ukraine.

Poland remains a friendly country for the majority of Ukrainians, but the positive assessment has decreased from 94% to 79% compared to last year. In addition, the share of those who consider Poland to be definitely friendly has decreased from 79% to 33%.

Although the United States continues to be perceived as a friendly country for most Ukrainians, the share of those who say the United States is definitely friendly has also decreased from 61% in June to 35%, and instead choose the option "rather friendly".

The vast majority of Ukrainians consider Russia (97%), Belarus (90%), and Iran (75%) to be hostile countries.

China and Hungary have moved into the category of rather unfriendly countries: 58% consider China to be hostile, and 52% think so of Hungary. Previously, these two countries were perceived more neutrally: in June 2023, China was considered a hostile country by 34% of respondents and neutral by 52%, while Hungary was previously considered a hostile country by 42% of respondents and neutral by 26%.

Attitudes towards Belarus have also deteriorated: the share of respondents who view Belarus as an absolutely hostile country has increased from 56% to 71%.

Israel is considered neutral to friendly: 44% rated it neutral, 38% - friendly.

Ukrainians view Turkey more as a neutral country (51%). At the same time, compared to June 2023, the prevalence of the opinion that Turkey is a friendly country has decreased from 40% to 30%.

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