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Ukrainian hackers hit Moscow-based critical infrastructure company

It will take the Russians at least 15 days to recover.

Ukrainian hackers have hit the Moscow-based critical infrastructure company Moscollector. According to's sources, the operation was carried out by the BLACKJACK hacker group, which is close to the SSU's cyber department.

Moscollector is responsible for the operation of underground water pipes, communication cables, power cables and heating networks in Moscow. The hackers disabled 87,000 sensors of various warning systems across the city and the Moscow region.

In addition, 70 servers and at least 90 terabytes of company data (emails, backups, contracts) were destroyed.

Hackers attacked a Moscow company
Photo: provided by the sources
Hackers attacked a Moscow company

"The operation of the Moscow critical infrastructure facility is now completely blocked, and the company cannot respond to accidents and emergencies. It will take 15 to 30 days to restore its operation," the source said.

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