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Shaheds hit residential buildings, injuring nine people in Odesa

Among the injured are four children: aged 12 and 9, and two babies who are less than a year old. All of them are in moderate condition in hospital. 

Shaheds hit residential buildings, injuring nine people in Odesa
Consequences of the shelling of Odesa
Photo: Telegram/Hennadiy Trukhanov

The Defence Forces of Southern Ukraine reported on their Telegram page that as a result of a night attack by the Russians using attack drones in Odesa, residential buildings were damaged and a fire started. 34 people were rescued. 

The information was confirmed by Mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov. According to him, at least 14 apartments were damaged. Seven people were injured, but there were no casualties. Two children are among the injured. The municipal guard and emergency services are working at the site of the hits.

An operational headquarters is being deployed in Peresypskyy district of Odesa to provide assistance to the victims and those residents who need to be relocated. 

Later, Oleh Kiper, the head of the RMA, said that nine people were injured in the nighttime Russian drone attack in Odesa, four of them children aged 12 and 9 and two babies under the age of one. Three adults have been hospitalised in the city's medical facilities in moderate condition, while two others refused to be hospitalised and received all the necessary help on the spot.

Four children are also in moderate condition in hospital. Doctors are providing all necessary assistance to the victims. 

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