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US Senate passes bill to provide $60bn in aid to Ukraine

The document will be immediately sent to President Joe Biden for signature. 

US Senate passes bill to provide $60bn in aid to Ukraine
Rally in support of Ukraine near the Congress building
Photo: EPA/UPG

More than six months of waiting is over: the US Senate has passed a security bill providing over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, which was previously voted in the House of Representatives. Having received the support of both houses of the US parliament, the document is immediately sent to the president for signature.

According to The Hill, 79 senators voted in favour, while 18 voted against.

The bill provides $23 billion to replenish US arsenals that can be used for military assistance to Ukraine and $11.3 billion for ongoing US military operations in the Region. Congress also approved $13.8 billion for the purchase of advanced weapons systems, goods and services for defence purposes.

The text of the document specifically states that the United States should provide Kyiv with long-range ATACMS missile systems if it does not threaten the security situation in the United States.

In addition to Ukraine, another bill would transfer billions of dollars in defence spending from the US budget to Israel and Taiwan. 

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