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​Defence Ministry publishes infographic with main changes introduced by mobilisation law

The law will come into force on 18 May. 

The Ministry of Defence has published an explanation of the main changes introduced by the new mobilisation draft law. It will come into force on 18 May. 

Local governments will be required to facilitate the organisation of military training, disseminate information on mobilisation measures, maintain military records, notify citizens of mobilisation, ensure their arrival at assembly points, participate in the preparation of terrorist defence tasks, plan and conduct mobilisation and demobilisation. They will also be empowered to interact with state authorities and defence forces to exchange information.

Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are required to carry a military registration document and show it at the request of authorised persons. They must update their credentials through administrative service centres or an electronic cabinet (registration is optional).

These citizens are obliged to come to the Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Centre for military registration and medical examination. Arrival at the assembly points upon call and summons is mandatory. 

Citizens of Ukraine are obliged to provide property, buildings, transport for the Armed Forces and other formations with compensation for the cost by the state.

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