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VR Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk: access of journalists to parliament to be restored

At the same time, he noted that it is necessary to ensure the safety of the press in the Verkhovna Rada building, which is the centre of decision-making.

Chief of Staff of the VRU Vyacheslav Shtuchnyy (left) and Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk (second from left)
Photo: Anna Steshenko
Chief of Staff of the VRU Vyacheslav Shtuchnyy (left) and Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk (second from left)
The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Stefanchuk, has said that access to the parliament for journalists will be restored, a correspondent of reports. 

‘Since the first day of the war, the Verkhovna Rada has decided to work in the building on Hrushevskoho Street. We are constantly working there and working in a continuous session mode... This carries a number of risks. And these risks are constantly, almost every month, confirmed to us by the relevant services, by relevant letters, that the parliament is the centre of decision-making. That is why there is a great threat and danger that the Parliament may be attacked by the Russian Federation, by the aggressor,’ he said. 

He noted that it was for security reasons that a decision was made to prevent the press from entering the parliament building at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. 

‘But now is the time for very important changes... We need to ensure a very correct, honest, fair process of opening the Verkhovna Rada for journalists. And also to ensure that the staff of the Secretariat and journalists who will be in the premises of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at this time have the opportunity to protect their lives and health,’ he stressed. 

Stefanchuk said that a decision has already been made to allow journalists to enter the Verkhovna Rada. ‘This will allow the parliament to regain what it has always had, despite the martial law. This is openness,’ he added.

At the same time, the Chief of Staff of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Shtuchnyy, announced that the Speaker would soon sign a relevant order to allow the press to the third floor of the parliament building.

‘We came to a consensus that we are returning to the practice that was in place during the Covid. When 20-30 media workers could be present at one plenary session,’ added the Head of the VRU Secretariat.

He noted that the media will be checked by special services beforehand. Subsequently, parliamentary journalists will be re-accredited.

‘To ensure that there are no people involved in certain organisations linked to the Russian Federation,’ said Shtuchnyy.

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