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Explosions occurred in Kharkiv, Odesa

In Kharkiv, there was an explosion in the Kholodnohirsk district. The Russian enemy attacked Odesa again.

Explosions occurred in Kharkiv, Odesa
The army of Russia
Photo: Russian social media

Explosions occurred in Kharkiv and Odesa during an air raid on the afternoon of 17 May. The Russians attacked Odesa in two waves.

First, the explosion in Odesa was reported by Suspilne TV. At 15:19, the head of the Regional Military Administration called on residents of the city and Odesa district to stay in shelters until the alarm went off.

At 15:38, the head of the Regional Military Administration, Oleh Synyehubov, reported the explosions in Kharkiv, a minute earlier the mayor had written about them. 

"Beware: the occupiers are striking at Kharkiv!" said Synyehubov. 

At 15:14, the Air Force warned of a ballistic threat from the southeast. 

After this alert was cancelled, a new one was issued as the Russians launched missiles again. At 16:07, the Air Force warned of a new threat. At 16:28, they called on Odesa to take shelter. At 16:30, Suspilne correspondents reported new explosions in Odesa.

  • As a result of this attack on Kharkiv, the Kholodnohirskyy district was affected. 
  • At least two people were killed and 13 wounded - this is the information as of 16:30. 
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