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​Zelenskyy signs law increasing fines for draft evasion

The new fines will range from UAH 17,000 to UAH 25,500 during the special period.

​Zelenskyy signs law increasing fines for draft evasion
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Photo: Press service of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Today, on 17 May, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed Bill 10379 to increase liability for military offences, including increasing fines for evading mobilisation

The fine for violation of the rules of military registration will range from UAH 3,400 to 5,100, repeatedly during the year - from UAH 5,100 to 8,500, and during a special period - from UAH 17,000 to 25,500.

Violation of the legislation on defence and mobilisation in peacetime will result in a fine of UAH 5,100 to 8,500 for individuals and UAH 17,000 to 25,500 for officials and legal entities. The fine for a repeated offence within a year is UAH 8,500 to UAH 11,900 for citizens and UAH 25,500 to UAH 34,000 for officials and legal entities.

For offences committed during the special period, the fine will be UAH 17,000 to 25,500 for individuals and UAH 34,000 to 59,500 for officials and legal entities.

The fines will be imposed within three months from the date of detection of the offence, but not later than one year from the date of its commission. These fines can also be imposed in absentia, without drawing up a protocol. 

Under this law, accounts may be blocked and property seized. Violators will also be able to be detained for up to 3 days.

As a reminder, on 9 May, the Verkhovna Rada passed a bill to increase liability for tax evaders. The document increases liability for other military offences.

It should also be noted that the new law on mobilisation comes into force on 18 May.

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