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Government adopts resolution on gambling: each player must have limits

Game organisers must set a limit of funds and time for each player. 

Government adopts resolution on gambling: each player must have limits
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The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a resolution to counteract the negative effects of online gambling. The document was adopted on 17 May and is now available on the government website

The Cabinet of Ministers has restricted the spread of gambling advertising and related trademarks, including the use of electronic communications, symbols of the Armed Forces and other formations. From now on, it is prohibited to register several client accounts for one player. 

When conducting online gambling, organisers are obliged to introduce mandatory breaks in gambling for each player, and after registering a player or before accepting a bet, receive information from the player regarding

  • the limit of funds that a player wants to spend on gambling during a certain time (day, week, month), and set the chosen limit with the possibility of changing it no more than once a month
  • to set the maximum time of continuous participation in gambling during the day and the maximum time of participation in gambling during the week and to establish the selected time of participation in the game
  • Restriction of access to websites that organise, conduct or provide access to gambling without a licence

The Resolution is valid until the Law of Ukraine on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Combat Gambling Addiction (Ludomania) and Improve State Regulation of Activities Related to the Organisation and Conduct of Gambling and Lotteries comes into force, but not later than the end of the legal regime of martial law introduced by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 64 "On the Introduction of Martial Law in Ukraine" dated 24 February 2022. 

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