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Ministry of Energy: new electricity tariff not set yet, but it must be affordable for population

At the same time, the cost should be such that it will allow for repairs.

Ministry of Energy: new electricity tariff not set yet, but it must be affordable for population
Mykola Kolisnyk
Photo: screenshot

The current electricity tariff will remain in force until the end of May. Calculations are currently being made on a possible new tariff. They are primarily based on the fact that the new price should be affordable for Ukrainians. However, the tariff should help prepare for the heating season and the repair campaign.

Deputy Energy Minister Mykola Kolisnyk said this during a telethon. He added that last year, thanks to the tariff increase, 3 GW of capacity was added.

"This made it possible to go through the heating season without accidents in a normal safety mode," he said.

Kolisnyk added that there is currently no final decision on the price. Asked whether the price could be doubled, the deputy minister said: "I am sure the decision will be balanced so that the step is affordable for the population." Kolisnyk added that, in addition to raising the tariff, the government is working to attract international partners to repair work.

Electricity tariff increase

  • On 10 May, the Ministry of Energy announced that it was discussing an increase in electricity tariffs.
  • On 14 May, Ruslan Slobodyan, head of the State Energy Supervision Inspectorate of Ukraine, said that the decision to raise electricity prices for household consumers had not yet been made. There are no exact calculations for the tariff increase yet. The head of the State Energy Supervision Service added that last year's electricity tariff increase allowed the country to prepare for autumn and winter and restore three GW of power generating capacity. Now, Ukraine needs to restore eight gigawatts after new Russian strikes.
  • Last year, on 1 June, the electricity tariff rose from UAH 1.68 per kWh to UAH 2.64. This price will remain in effect at least until 31 May.
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