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Reuters shows draft communiqué of peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland

The draft is based on three aspects. 

Reuters shows draft communiqué of peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland
Photo: Office of the president

On 16 June, Reuters published a draft communiqué of the Peace Summit taking place in Switzerland. Following the Summit, a final document will be published that will focus on three aspects of the war in Ukraine. 

The document states that Russia's war against Ukraine continues to cause large-scale human suffering and destruction, as well as risks and crises with global implications.

The forum participants should confirm their readiness to prevent the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of all states, including Ukraine, within their internationally recognised borders

The participants will also agree that nuclear power plants, including Zaporizhzhya, should be under the control of Ukraine and the IAEA, and that any threat or use of nuclear weapons in war is unacceptable:

"Any threat or use of nuclear weapons in the ongoing war against Ukraine is unacceptable."

Ukraine also needs to ensure access to ports on the Azov and Black Seas to strengthen food security. 

The text of the communiqué calls for a "full exchange" of prisoners of war and the return to Ukraine of all deported and illegally displaced children, as well as other civilians illegally detained by Russia.

"The Charter of the United Nations, including the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states, can and will serve as the basis for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine," the communiqué reads.

The text also mentions that achieving peace requires dialogue between all parties to the conflict, "we have decided to take specific steps in the future in the above areas with further involvement of representatives of all parties".

  • On 16 June, the second day of the Global Peace Summit, a Ukrainian initiative to bring justice and accountability to Russia, starts in Switzerland. 
  • During the first day of the Summit, Switzerland proposed to create a space for direct talks between Ukraine and Russia. President Viola Amgerd, who hosted the summit, said that if "we want to move the process towards peace, we will have to engage Russia at some point - that is clear to everyone. As the international community, we can contribute to preparing the space for direct negotiations between the warring parties”. 
  • President Zelenskyy noted that "there is no Russia here now, because if Russia was interested in peace, there would be no war. We must decide together what a just peace means for the world and how it can be achieved."
  • The event included the first plenary session of the summit, which brought together leaders and high-ranking officials from different countries, as well as representatives of organisations. During his speeches, French President Emmanuel Macron said that peace cannot be achieved through Ukrainian surrender. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that freezing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict today would only lead to a further aggressive war.
  • Polish President Andrzej Duda put the responsibility for the war solely on Russia, but called for not forgetting the role of Alexander Lukashenko. And Finnish President Stubb expressed the view that Ukraine is starting the peace process from a position of strength. 
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