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Self-Help once again to try to scrap parliamentary immunity - Semenuha

The faction also plans to register a bill to cut mumber of seats

 The Self-Help party is going to initiate the collection of signatures for the registration of a bill aimed to reduce the number of seats in the Verkhovna Rada down to 300 deputies, deputy faction head Roman Semenuha told

"Firstly, in 1996, when the Constitution was written, the population was about 52m. Now, according to various estimates, the population shrank down to about 40 million – and that's with together with the occupied territories.

Secondly, if you look at the real attendance of deputies in the parliament, it is obvious that 300 deputies will be enough," he said and reminded that 150 signatures of people's deputies are needed for the registration of the bill in the parliament.

In conclusion, he said Self-Help plans to get back to the subject of withdrawal of parliamentary immunity.

"We believe lawmakers should fulfill their promises. First of all, about the removal of parliamentary immunity," he said.

On February 5, the parliament supported in the first reading a bill that provides for the abolition of parliamentary immunity and the limitation of judicial immunity. On July 19, the Constitutional Court found the bill constitutional.

Thus, the parliament can vote on the whole of the relevant amendments to the Constitution with at least 300 votes needed for the amendment to pass.

An electronic petition to reduce the number of parliamentary deputies down to 100 people gained the support of 25 thousand citizens.

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