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Lutsenko refuses to become prosecutor-general

New bill makes chief prosecutor post decorative.

Lutsenko refuses to become prosecutor-general

The head of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction in the parliament Yuriy Lutsenko refused to become prosecutor-general.

"It is a good day for me as the bill that would give me the opportunity to take part in the competition for the post did not pass, so are dealing with other realities," bitter Lutsenko told reporters.

Lutsenko reminded that on April 15 becomes effective the law adopted last July 2015, according prosecutor-general has no control over appointments in his office.

"On Wednesday no public prosecutor would not be able to sack his or her deputy or investigator without the approval of bodies that prosecutors create for themselves. PGO gets out of political control. On Wednesday it becomes a fact. I have no intention of becoming a decorative figure in an unruly structure," Lutsenko said.

"Devils create some kind of self-government,” he added.

Earlier on Thursday, parliament refused to consider a bill that allows persons without experience in law-enforcement become prosecutor-generals.

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