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Ukraine to get EUR 97m from EU for decentralization reform

Program envisages creation of centres of administrative services and training pf local officials.

Ukraine to get EUR 97m from EU for decentralization reform

Ukraine and the European Union on Friday signed an agreement "U-LEAD Europe: programs for Ukraine's empowerment at the local level, accountability and development", which provides for the allocation of 97m euros on decentralization. The document was signed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development Hennady Zubkov and head of Ukraine's support group EC Peter Wagner.

The agreement consists of two components.

The first will be implemented by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). IIt envisages training is local officials at all levels; thematic consultations on issues related to regional economic development, investments, provision of services in their respective fields; training on ethics and integrity of government at all levels to enhance the institutional capacity of civil servants; training on project cycle management; advisory support of dialogue with citizens and other stakeholders.

The second stage will be implemented by the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (SIDA). It provides for the reconstruction of administrative services centres, and the purchase of equipment; training; information campaigns on the activities of local authorities.

Program is funded by the EU – 60m euros, Germany – 6m euros, Sweden – 30m euros, Poland – one million euros.

Decentralization Program is the second program for Ukraine, adopted by the European Commission in 2015. In July last year, the EU decided to allocate 110m euros for the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

This program is a part of obligations of the EU and European financial institutions that have pledged Ukraine over 12bn euros in grants and loans for macro-financial stabilization and reform process.

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