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Ukrainian parliament dumps bill limiting tours of Russian artists

To be allowed to tour Ukraine, artists should condemn the occupation of Crimea.

Ukrainian parliament dumps bill limiting tours of Russian artists
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The parliament on 6 October rejected a bill suggesting banning from touring in Ukraine of Russian artists that refuse to condemn the occupation of Crimea.

The bill, backed by only 174 deputies and hence rejected, was supposed to amend the existing law on tour events in Ukraine by adding a new section on artists from Russia. The sponsors of the bill believed that the artists associated with the aggressor state can tour Ukraine only upon provision of a written statement condemning the occupation of the territory of Ukraine by the aggressor country.

When it comes to creative teams, each member had to personally sign the statement.

This requirement was not intended for Russian citizens who moved in Ukraine for permanent residence or work, as well as for those who repeatedly and publicly condemned the occupation the media.

The sponsors the bill said the legislation was aimed against artists, supporting the Russian aggression, but generating revenues in Ukraine.

After the vote, one of the authors of the draft law, MP Mykola Knyazhytskyy (People's Front), lashed out at his colleagues and said he terminated his work in parliament.

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