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MP: parliament opposes decentralization

Statements of parties about the reforms and their actions do not always match.

MP: parliament opposes decentralization
Victoria Ptashnyk
Photo: Photo: Max Levin

MP Victoria Ptashnyk believes that the statements and actions of some political forces on the decentralization do not always coincide.

"If we analyze political programs of all political forces that passed to parliament, we shall see that almost every party had slogans in favor of decentralization. However, an expert analysis of the draft laws in the field of decentralization submitted to the parliament and their support by political forces that are supposedly in favor of decentralization, would reveal some inconsistency," Ptashnyk told the VI National Expert Forum by Gorshenin Institute, which is underway in Kyiv on Wednesday, 12 October.

As an example, she brought the bill №4772 on the voluntary association of local communities.

"The current legislation does not lay down a procedure od association for the territorial communities that were out of the integration process. In order to provide this opportunity to village councils a law must adopted. We in parliament started the discussion of such a bill late last year. At the end of September, the bill №4772 was finally adopted in the first reading.

Ptashnyk blamed the Rada committee for hampering the discussion of the bill.

"When the bill has finally made it into the house, it was somehow avoided, and some members of parliament would even try to block the passage of this draft under the slogan Defend the Village," said the deputy.

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