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Klimkin: Russia made security a commodity

The issue of global security looks different today.

Some countries, like Russia, have turned the issue of security and danger into a commodity, says Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin,

"The world around us changes faster than we would expect. The security (of both individual states and citizens and businesses) looks different than a few years ago. Not to mention the cyber security and terrorist threats and the perception of migration as something that bears danger," Klimkin stated on Wednesday, 12 October at the VI National Expert Forum by Gorshenin Institute in Kyiv.

"Some countries - I'm not saying all countries – have made danger a commodity. For Russia, creating insecurity and trafficking jeopardies is a policy item. Today's Russia is consciously raising stakes in many areas in the field of security, " said Klimkin.

In this situation, Ukraine must prove their competitiveness, he said.

"The role of Ukraine in the world, first of all, consists of its ability to maintain the stability of the state and society, the ability to cope with the modern threats. And, secondly, it is important, that we were capable to be attractive, being, in a positive sense, a hub," the minister said.

"[Ukraine must be] built in different systems of the civilized world, primarily the transatlantic community (in a broad sense, this community includes Japan and other Asian countries). We have long talked about joining NATO and the EU and now, we are walking along with this transatlantic community. Overall, not in all the details, as we are not perfect, we can do it," stressed the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

Pavlo Klimkin warned that Russia is waging a hybrid war aimed at splitting of Europe, and said he did not believe that Russia will abandon these attempts in the future.

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