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Normandy Four meeting not on agenda - Klimkin

Kyiv wants to adoption of a "road map."

A Normandy Four meeting in not on the agenda, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin told reporters on the sidelines of the VI National Expert Forum by Gorshenin Institute in Kyiv on Wednesday, 12 October.

"To date, no arrangements about a top level meeting in the Normandy Four format has been achieved," said the minister.

The minister noted that various negotiating options linked to different dates and different missions have been previously discussed.

"It is not about timeframes but rather whether we will be able to agree on the actual results of such a meeting," Klimkin said,

"For us, the real result, as Russia is trying to overturn the logic of Minsk, would be to agree on a road map that would embrace three key areas. The first is security, the second - political steps, and the third - the release of political prisoners and hostages," he stressed.

"Without such a roadmap and a negotiation logic, such a meeting makes no sense," Klimkin concluded.

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