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Law enforcers search house of NBU deputy governor

Rozhkova is a suspect in the case of Mikhailovskyy bank bankruptcy.

Law enforcers search house of NBU deputy governor
Kateryna Rozhkova
Photo: Photo: flickr / NBU

The house of the deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kateryna Rozhkova is being searched, according the TSN reports.

The publication said on 27 October with a reference to anonymous sources that low enforcers investigate Rozhkova's possible involvement in the shady bankruptcy of the bank Mikhailovskyy and machinations in favor of Platinum Bank, whose manager Rozhkova was previously.

The National Bank confirmed the information about the search in Rozhkova's residence.

"The search is over by now. Katerina Rozhkova is in her workplace performing her duties. The investigative actions by the National Police are part of the probe into the bankruptcy of bank Mikhailovskyy," the press service of the central bank of Ukraine said on Facebook later in the day.

NBU Board dismissed police operation as yet another act of pressure on NBU officials.

"All the decisions regarding the pronouncement of Mikhailovskyy as insolvent have been taken collectively by the NBU Board and in full compliance with the law," the report stressed.

Rozhkova became the National Bank deputy head in January. She previously served as head of the National Bank department for banking supervision.

Rozhkova in 1998-2005 worked in Aval Bank, in 2006-2008 in Erste Bank. After that for a period of time she headed the department of distant supervision in the NBU, and then worked as the deputy COB in Finbank from 2010 to 2013.

From 2013 to 2015 Rozhkova was member of the board in Platinum Bank, including as acting chairman.

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