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NAPC cries foul over disruption of e-declaration

State-owned system administrator company accused of incapability.

NAPC cries foul over disruption of e-declaration
Photo: Photo: Ukrinform

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) has stated that the electronic declaration system cannot cope with the filing of declarations through the fault of the state-owned Ukrainian Special Systems company, which is a hosting provider and system administrator.

"Today the State Special Communication Service reported that the system works but the technical services of the NACP show that the workload on the server hardware, which provides acceptance, processing and storage of information of the electronic declaration system is working to 10% of the capacity," the chairman of NACP Natalya Korchak wrote on Facebook on 28 October.

Korchak reminded that all bugs and software errors in the system were eliminated on 25 October.

"The course of event in the previous day suggests the incapability of the administrator and the system hosting provider company - SE" USS " [State Enterprise" Ukrainian Special Systems "] to provide the necessary bandwidth of the trunk channel of communication and data link network equipment to the system," the head of NACP wrote.

This situation limits the access of declarants to the register.

"We appeal to the hosting provider and system administrator –USS with the requirement to immediately eliminate all obstacles that hinder declarants from smooth and efficient fulfilment of their legal obligation to submit electronic declarations," Korczak said and added that otherwise NACP will be forced to consider asking law enforcement authorities to open a criminal case concerning the failure of the electronic declaration.

All senior officials must submit before the end of October a declaration of income and assets through the system of electronic declaration. The authorities are obliged to provide free public access to this data. This commitment was structural beacon by the IMF.

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