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Groysman advises EU to follow Ukraine's example in e-declaration

"The requirements to our officials are times stricter than in Europe."

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman advises the EU to follow the example of Ukraine in the electronic declaration.

"In terms of transparency and openness we did things that may make some European Union countries envy. The requirements that out officials have to comply with are times stricter than those imposed on European officials. I think that our experience in the declaration may prove very good for European countries and it would be very nice if it was applied in the European Union," Groysman said in an interview with TV channel France 24 on 28 October.

Groysman believes that electronic declaration is a very strong anti-corruption tool.

The e-declaration that Groysman has posted earlier this week indicated that he and his wife keep 4m hryvnya, 1.24m dollars and 460 thousand euro in cash.

Before that, the declaration of assets was not binding in Ukraine so the origin of the Grossmans' assets is unknown.

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