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Poroshenko fills e-declaration

The president spent 400m hryvnia on charity and support of the army.

Poroshenko fills e-declaration
Photo: ​ Photo: presidential press service

President Petro Poroshenko on 30 October submitted his 2015 electronic declaration in the Unified State Register of declarations of top officials and heads or local governments.

"Despite the fierce resistance, the electronic declaration system works, and its first phase was successfully completed. Electronic declaration it is a further step towards the transparency and accountability of government and another tool in the system of prevention of corruption," Poroshenko wrote on Facebook.

Commenting on these data in its declaration, the president noted that all the valuable movable and immovable property he owns was purchased (not leased) before his the presidency.

"Moreover, the property was acquired at a time when I was not in the public service," wrote Poroshenko.

The president noted that the companies he owns and declared were created when he was engaged in business.

"The only new company that I own directly was created in 2014 for the sale of [confectionary concern] Roshen," assures Poroshenko.

He added that essentially keeps money in banks 27m dollars," and taxes were paid to the budget of Ukraine from every cent of that money. Most of the money the president holds in his own bank: 26.3m dollars, 14.4 thousand euros and 540.5 thousand hryvnia. Poroshenko also declared owning 800 thousand. hryvnia and 60 thousand dollars in cash.

According to the president, in the last ten years he has earned over 820m hryvnia. Meanwhile, Poroshenko and the businesses, where he is the final beneficiary, gave 400m hryvnia for charity and support of the army in the years 2014-2016.

In his e-declaration Poroshenko showed a collection of paintings by Ukrainian and Russian masters of the XIX-XX centuries (65 pieces), a collection of paintings by old masters (15 pieces), a collection of paintings by contemporary impressionists and realists (4 pieces), a collection of sculptures XIX-XX centuries. (6 pieces) and a sculpture Fisherman Boy by Guglielmo Pugi. The value of this art pieces is not indicated but is in excess of 100 minimum wages set at 1 January 2015.

Also, Poroshenko declared 6 wrist watches (Hublot, Breguet, Patek Phillip), 12 jewelry pieces and sultry luxury assets.

Last week ago, Poroshenko pledged to submit e-declaration in time.

According to the declaration he filled in I filed in April, Poroshenko's revenues in 2015 dropped six times.

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